Patient Education and Health Care Links  


National Institute on Health and Aging - This is a valuable site with information on a number of issues related to aging (some are included under other headings below):
Falls and Fall Prevention - Preventing falls and injury is a critical part of your rehabilitation program. The following links contain important and helpful information with ways to lessen fall risk: 
Exercise - Exercise done on a routine basis is a critical part of rehabilitation. These sites will help you in doing the appropriate exercise program for your condition, be it for balance, strengthening, flexibility or endurance:  
Bone Health - Hip and spine fracture, related to osteoporosis and falls, is a major health problem and can greatly alter the quality of your life. Look here to get reliable facts regarding bone health and treatment:  
Parkinson's Disease - Parkinson's Disease affects the quality of life in those affected in dramatic ways. Although there are similarities in how PD affects individuals, there are also unique problems that require an individualized rehabilitation treatment program. These sites provide helpful information to those with PD and family/caregivers:  
Cognitive/Memory Disorders 
Stress Management - Stress is part of life; understanding the ways stress affects the body and finding ways to limit its adverse affects on health is  often overlooked in traditional medical care. Check these sites for a better understanding of the effects of stress and help with managing stress:  
Community Programs - There are a number of community programs that address the rehabilitation needs of those with disabilities. These sites address some of the programs available locally:  
Adapted Physical Education Programs are available at:  
Keeping active and involved does well for the mind and body:  
Directives - Providing your doctors and family with what is important to you is a responsible way to address your health care needs and concerns. The following sites will give you information that will make this process easier for you:  
Transportation/DMV Information
Mobility Aids
Nutrition/Weight Management - Proper nutrition and hydration are important concerns, especially in the elderly. Being under hydrated is the number one cause of fatigue and is a major health issue in the elderly. Here are some helpful resources:  
Resources - These resources can provide great help in areas not addressed by physicians:  
Adult Day Programs - Adult Day Care Programs meeting the specific needs of those with disability can greatly lessen the burden of care:  
Oral Care - Oral care is a critical and often overlooked part of healthcare:  
Medication Management - Having an accurate and up-to-date listing of your medications is an important aspect of your medical care. There are numerous sites to help you with this process. Listed below are some I found to be helpful, whether you track them online, via a phone or tablet app, or in a printed format.
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Travel Accessibility - Having a disability doesn't mean you can't travel. Check out these sites for finding accessible travel.